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TV Instructions

Here you can find how-to instructions on how to use your TV

For Google, Android, and Amazon Firestick Devices


1)    Visit your app store and download the “SFN TV NOW” app and open it. For Roku devices, log into your Roku account on a computer and add the SFNTV App. This will install the app to your TV/Roku Device

2)    Enter your User ID & Password provided by our support team and a Device Name. (Please be descriptive in the device name so you know which one this is later)

3)    You only have to enter this information once to register the device. Once you register the device you can watch TV.

4)    There is a limit of 5 TV/Streaming Devices

5)    More help at


IP TV Device compatibility

The following info contains the devices supported by our IPTV Streaming Service:

Amazon Fire Cube

2nd Gen (or Newer)


Minimum OS: 5.0


Minimum OS: 11.4


Minimum OS: 11.4


Streaming Stick +, Ultra

Amazon TV Streaming Stick 4K

3rd Gen

Google Chromecast

Minimum OS: 5.0

iPad Pro

Minimum OS: 11


3, 4 (or Newer)


Premier, RokuTV

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For more detailed instructions

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