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Built for Performance. Created for You.

Founded in 1999, Bresco Broadband is an employee owned, Ohio-based Internet, Data and VOIP communications company dedicated to providing fast and reliable solutions for business and residential needs. We are headquartered in downtown Columbus Ohio.

Bresco Broadband has a statewide network of Fiber and Fixed Wireless Air Fiber technology that spans major metropolitan cities as well as rural residential areas.

We own and operate two secure Data Centers located in central Ohio. Bresco Broadband also provides Internet and Data Connectivity in fifteen other regional data centers. Internet Access as well as direct connects to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Cloud services are also available in all data centers where Bresco has a presence.

Bresco Broadband partners with many regional and metropolitan fiber networks including, Dublink, WeConnect, City of Columbus, Medina County Fiber, Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Everstream, and Horizon to provide service to customers. These networks extend our reach well beyond Central Ohio.

Giving Back

One of Bresco's missions is to maintain an active role in the communities that we serve; we participate in charity endeavors and we sponsor various community events. We are proud to be actively involved in The Digital Divide initiative in Central Ohio. This program provides high-speed Internet to K-12, low income, residents at no cost or at a substantially reduced rate. The bandwidth supports connectivity for multiple devices and it is used to engage in remote learning activities, on-line video meetings, streaming TV content, and more. We have partnered with many of the local municipalities in the effort to develop and deliver these services. In addition, Bresco is very active in the Meals on Wheels program where we make deliveries and we help with distribution and allocation in their warehouse.

Our Network

Our network core operates in three datacenters in Columbus, one of which is owned by Bresco Broadband.  The network core is powered by carrier-grade Juniper and Microtik routers and switches. We have deployed robust Servers, each with multiple processors and power supplies. These Servers support the various ancillary solutions that we offer. Our core power is provided by diverse power feeds with a battery plant capable of sustaining our equipment for multiple hours. In addition, we have deployed industrial grade diesel generators that are activated automatically if the Datacenter remains without power for a predetermined amount of time. Bresco’s network is directly connected to the Internet gateway in Columbus, Ohio and our Peering relationships dictate that all traffic, destined for the Internet, is connected in Columbus, Ohio. Our direct connections include major cloud providers, such as:

OARNet – the State of Ohio education network.

SubSpace – connects directly to major gaming servers, such as, Fortnite.

Amazon – not just the website, but their world-wide hosted Server datacenters.

Microsoft – Office 365, Azure.

Google – all Google platforms, such as YouTube, Google Cloud, and more.

Other peers: Oracle, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Rackspace

In fact, connecting to the above platforms is directly connected in Columbus Ohio and it is not routed through the Internet, as is the case with other major providers. This translates to a better user experience, by delivering faster responses, lower latency, improved security, and a VERY fast Ping cycle.

Image showing Bresco Broadband's leadership team, dedicated professionals driving innovation and customer satisfaction in broadband services.

Meet our Executive Team

  • Brent Beatty
  • Chris Tovar
  • Eli Calis
  • Brad McMillen

Brent Beatty - Managing Partner

Chris Tovar - Director of Service Operations

Eli Callis - Director of Network Operations

Brad McMillen - Director of Sales & Marketing

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