Streaming 100+ TV channels, including local channels across up to 5 devices at the same time.

Bring your own TV device. Compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google/Android TV Devices, Tablets, Laptop or Desktop computers, Smart TV's, and more. Cloud based DVR with 30+ days of storage. Record from one device, view recorded shows later on any device. Download the APP and watch TV.

Basic TV   


41 TV Channels, including all the local channels, as well as 49 Music Choice Channels

Core Plus TV Includes Core and Basic


139 TV Channels, including local channels, Sports Channels and 49 Music Choice Channels

Core TV Includes Basic


108 TV Channels, including local channels, as well as 49 Music Choice Channels

20 Movie Channels


For $20.00 more a month, add 20 premium movie channels

Encore, Starz, ShowTime, The Movie Channel

Access to Premium Movie Channels

Bresco Broadband is now offering 100+ channels, including locals! Upgrade your plan to include premium movie channels to watch the newest shows and original series.

Available Across

Multiple Devices

Enjoy your shows on any device, including smart TV's, phones, tablets, and more.

*Additional Set-Top Boxes are available for $7.00/mo for non-smart devices.

*channels may change, be added, or deleted at any time without notice. Contact Bresco Broadband for more information. All Rights Reserved 2019. Not all channels may be available in some areas. Jan 2019.

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