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City of Columbus

Business Internet

Bresco Broadband field technicians expertly installing antennas, ensuring superior internet connectivity for our customers.
Business Internet



Voice Over IP (VOIP) PBX systems offer standard and enhanced business features that amount to major advances and cost savings compared to older telephone system technology. Voicemail, Fax, Unified Messaging, Teleconferencing, Contact Center capabilities, mobile accessibility and much more can easily be set up and utilized through a VOIP PBX. The upfront expenditure to implement an VOIP PBX is significantly less than traditional hardwired systems, because VOIP systems generally require less hardware and they are easier to install.

VoIP and PBX service provided by Bresco Broadband, delivering reliable and high-quality communication solutions for businesses.

Available Features

  • Packages for Small to Large Business

  • Employees can use their phone anywhere there is internet

  • Auto-Attendant/Virtual Receptionist

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Fax to Email with unlimited inbounded faxes

  • Caller ID

  • 3-Way Calling

  • Call Forwarding

  • Ring Groups

  • Call Waiting Time of Day Call Routing

  • Custom Music/Messages on Hold

  • Call Recording

  • SIP Trunks

  • DID

  • E911 Service

  • Telephone Number Porting

  • Desk Phones

  • Desk, Cordless, and Conference Phones

Data Center
Secured data center managed by Bresco Broadband ensuring optimal uptime, data safety, and robust infrastructure.

Data Center

Bresco Broadband has built two Tier 3 Data Centers. We offer cage space, full racks, and shared partial racks.

Our Data Centers Include

  • Multiple carrier options

  • Megaport connectivity

  • Connection to major cloud providers:

    • Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Sale Force, IBM, Rackspace, and others

  • Peering with 6 Internet Exchanges

  • 75 upstream Peers and growing

Physical Security

We offer Best-in-Class technology that is designed to secure your building.

Security cameras

Our solutions include:

Smart Video Intercom with Mobile Video APPs

Smart Door Access Control with Smart Phone credentials

Video Surveillance with Hosted storage for the video content and with high-performance indoor and outdoor cameras

Access Control
Advanced security systems being installed by Bresco Broadband for commercial buildings and businesses, providing peace of mind and protection.


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