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Cloud Connection

Bresco Broadband has recently partnered with Megaport


Directly connect to over 150 Cloud Providers via Megaport's ecosystem. This includes Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office365, SalesForce, Oracle, Google and IBM


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Megaport was founded in 2013 with the aim of becoming a global leader on the fast growing elastic interconnection services market. Using Software Defined Networking the company has developed a platform that provides customers wit5h the ability to provision interconnection services between their network and other networks and cloud providers already connected to the Megaport Fabric.

Megaport operates globally with over 600 active cutstomers and secured partnerships with some of the world's' major cloud service providers, network operators, and content providers. Megaport is an Amazon AWS Technology Partner, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner, and a Google Cloud Interconnection partner.

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At Megaport we have created a better way for networks and cloud to interconnect, here's how:

Multi-cloud ecosystem
Secure connections to multiple cloud providers over the one ubiquitous fabric.

Scale bandwidth instantly
Service provisioning in seconds

API integration
100% API driven, so out powerful tools are your powerful tools

Flexible terms
Customers can provision an elastic interconnect between other participants for as short as 1 day or for as long as a year...for as small as 1 Mbps to as much as 100 Gbps.

Elastic Interconnection

Elastic Interconnection is a term used to define a connection which provides customers with the flexibility to vary their connectivity service requirements based upon their actual demand.

Megaport supplies elastic connectivity for Internet Peering and virtual connections to users and services. These can be controlled via an API stack, mobile app, or web portal ( to enable automation and service flexibility.


  • Instant access to cloud, carrier, and content services from any Megaport-connected data center

  • Enabling enterprises to connect multiple data centers and markets.

  • Plan, manage, and deploy in real time through a fully automated software platform

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Megaport provides users with flexible contract terms offering daily, monthly or yearly options compared to the multi-year contacts typical of the old interconnection platforms. Megaport's customer proposition is a quicker, cost-effective, and more user-friendly product, all accessible via an award-winning web-based portal -

What is Megaport?
A Megaport is the high-speed Ethernet interface that connects to the Megaport fabric. Bandwidth options between Megaports range from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps

VXC (Virtual Cross Connect)
A direct Ethernet connection between two Megaports allowing high speed, private connectivity, VXCs are provisioned within minutes allowing rapid deployment and instant time to revenue.

Megaport owns and operates a 100% neutral Internet Exchange and provides connectivity to content networks and services across multiple geographies.
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