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Multi-Tenant Internet

MDU Multi Dwelling Units - MTU Multi Tenant Units Apartments and Condominiums

Apartment Building

For less than half the average monthly cost you are paying today for slow Cable Modem or DSL internet you can have fast Gigabit Fiber to the home.

Gigabit Fiber to the home is much faster and more reliable than older technologies like Cable Modem and DSL

Fast, Reliable High-Speed Internet was voted as the single most important amenity for multi-tenant residents


Nearly 100% of residents will use High-Speed internet if offered, while less than 10% will use a pool or gym.

Residents say that Gigabit Fiber to the home makes a property more desirable to live in and increases quality of life.


Deliver a better online experience. Everything is faster with Gigabit Fiber to the home. Vastly improve streaming, gaming, video chatting, and working online.


Provide you with the highest possible speed at the lowest possible cost.


Reduce what you are paying for TV and Internet. Gigabit Fiber to the home is the best option for cutting the cord and streaming TV shows and Movies. Roku with Sling V, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and others eliminating the need for Cable TV subscriptions.


Future-Proof your condominium or apartment building. Even if broadband speeds become 1000 times faster in 10 years, Gigabit Fiber to the home can handle it.

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